Niran Adedokun essay collection “The Danfo Driver in All of Us” launches in Lagos.

Niran Adedokun’s essay collection The Danfo Driver in All of Us, published by Narrative Landscape, launched in Lagos, Nigeria on July 6, 2020.

Public relations practitioner, lawyer, and writer Niran Adedokun is also a columnist with newspapers The Punch and, as well as the publisher of His first book, Ladies Calling the Shots, a profile of seventeen top female film and television directors in Nigeria, was published in 2017.

The Lagos-based writer’s latest book is the essay collection The Danfo Driver in All of Us and Other Essays. The book is a collection of his commentary and opinion pieces published in Nigerian newspapers and prestigious magazines in the last eight years. The blurb on the publisher’s website describes it thus,

The Danfo Driver in All of Us is a collection of newspaper commentaries on the state of the nation by Niran Adedokun. This collection of essays discusses subject matters like domestic violence, corrupt politicians, the corruption in Nigerian churches and hypocrisy of pastors, the recklessness of danfo drivers, maternal mortality among others. This collection aims to make us reflect on ourselves as Nigerians and check if we are indeed different from the Danfo Driver.

According to Narrative Press, “The collection attempts to deconstruct Nigeria and the people that inhabit it – the proclivities that set us back, the opportunities that go to waste, the potential that we never realise and the future for which we fail to prepare.”

Speaking about the new book Adedokun said, “Even though I practised as a journalist for over a decade…. I never imagined that I would write commentaries about anything and gain attention for doing it.”

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