Niq Mhlongo with his book Soweto Under the Apricot Tree

Niq Mhlongo’s latest book Soweto Under The Apricot Tree is set to be unveiled at the Sol Plaatje University in Kimberly, South Africa on April 8, 2018.

Niq Mhlongo burst onto the South African literary scene with his debut novel Dog Eat Dog, in 2004 a book that followed the exploits of student in the new South Africa. The book quickly established him as the “Kwaito” writer of his generation. The book, published by Kwela Publisher, was followed by After Tears in 2007 and that book followed an advocate who was not an advocate.

His 2013 book Way Back Home, established him as one of the leading writers of his generation as he gave us the story of a tenderpreneur who is haunted his actions while a member of the resistance during the battle for South African freedom. We here at loved it.

He proved that he wasn’t only able to write long prose novels with his well-received short story collection Affluenza. The collection told in the humorous and piercing style Mhlongo writes about the span of South African democracy and the madness of the last twenty years after apartheid. He has also written a screenplay for the animated children’s TV series Magic Cellar and scripts for a comic magazine called Mshana, the first issue of which appeared in February 2007.

His latest work Soweto Under The Apricot Tree which will be first seen in public at an event in Kimberley, Sol Plaatjie University on the 8th of April.

For a sample of the new book, you can read an excerpt here at our friends the Johannesburg Review of Books.