Flag of Burundi

Flag of Burundi

A new anthology titles A Song for Burundi is seeking submissions from Burundians living in exile.

Huza Press in collaboration with Africa Writes and Jalada Africa have announced a call for submissions for a poetry anthology from Burundians living in exile. Inspired by the creative force of the large Burundian population living in Rwanda, this anthology entitled A Song for Burundi seeks to bring together poetry across different forms, communities and traditions that explores experiences of migration and home, loss and hope, belonging and longing.

It will bring new and diverse voices from Burundi to international audiences and force us to engage with the realities of displacement and conflict. The selected poems will be published in an anthology that will be launched at the Africa Writes Festival in London in July 2017. Yes lads and lasses, you get to board a plane and see how London is managing after Brexit.


  1. Open to all Burundians residing outside Burundi
  2. Unpublished work only
  3. Each writer may submit up to a maximum of five works of poetry
  4. Poems submitted for consideration should be 40 lines long, maximum (or extracts of up to 40 lines from longer poems)
  5. Format: 2.0 spacing, 12 Font Times Roman
  6. All submission should be sent to [email protected]
  7. Each poem has to be sent as a separate Microsoft Word attachment, in the .doc format (no PDFs)
  8. Submissions clearly labelled with the title of the poem and the names of the writer
  9. Submissions must be accompanied by a biographical note of not more than 100 words as a separate word document. Please include your contact information.
  10. Submissions should be in French, English or Kirundi.

Please send your submissions to [email protected]

The deadline for submission is April 15, 2017

Good luck to all Burundi poets where you might be reading this post. And wanna be poets.

P.S. To any Nigerians reading this post, Nigerians do NOT qualify. Burundi in East Africa is a state on its own; not one from Nigeria. Seriously. Check Google before getting the rejection you seek.