As August comes through, we have a brand new WordPress theme for those of you who follow us here at We will retain the same content quality and schedule.

In 2013, was founded to shine a light on African writers that severely needed a spotlight. Since then, we have posted thousands of blogs showing y’all the length and breadth of the literature from the massive rock called Africa. In 2020, we expanded our content offering to include all Africans whatever identity they go by whether “Caribbean” or “Black.”

As the project expands, you can expect there to be some challenges on the technical side. This website was started with the most basic of WordPress hosting packages and as the content increased, this had to be expanded. It has been a challenge to keep up with the times but we have somehow made it work.

Two weeks ago, this site was attacked with malware by some unknown individual. Many of you alerted me to this but I was personally unable to do anything as I do not have the technical wherewithal to deal with it. That task was left to my hosts Node who did the prerequisite checks. What they discovered was that my website was under attack partly because it was on the Internet without any protections. This made it vulnerable to any random person who decides to hijack the site to sell dildos or any other product. Since then, I have subscribed to a paid service at WordPress to ensure that my website is more prepared for predatory folks out there.

I have decided that a new look is overdue and what you currently see is what I have settled on. You will still see some glitches in your experience as we try and make sure it works optimally. If there is anything you feel is amiss, please don’t hesitate getting in touch

While we work on this, we promise to stick with the content that we have been delivering for the last eight years. While you are here, please consider supporting our project. Here are options available to you from Patreon (starting at US$3 a month) to mobile money.