We here at JamesMurua.com have embarked on a new journey as we set up a new podcast for your enjoyment.

JamesMurua.com was started shine a light on the African literary scene in all its glory. We have posted hundreds of blogs about our scene telling you who, what, when, where, why and how. We have run for the last five or so years and our work has been welcomed by many of its subscribers some of whom have described it as a breath of fresh air in the African publishing industry.

We have been mulling about a new direction for a while now and can finally unveil the new product; our podcast. The podcast which is hosted on Anchor is simply the “African Literary Podcast” and will give you news and reviews from across the African continent. At the moment we can only commit to hosting one podcast a week.

The first of our podcasts we call “The Journey Begins” speaks about what happened in the past week including book launches, a conference and a look forward to the new week. We also do a mini review of Mukoma Wa Ngugi’s third novel Mrs Shaw. Check out the 18 minute podcast below. We would appreciate your opinion on the first outing with an eye to improving it for listeners.

What do you think we could improve on? What is missing from the show?