David Maillu
Prolific author David Maillu will speak

The Nairobi International Book Fair which was born in 1996 and is now officially an adult is currently running at the Sarit Centre with the events starting today until the Saturday. The climax (stop sniggering!) will be on Saturday evening with a dinner with well known Kenyan brands in literature like David Maillu, Prof Chris Wanjala and Dr Tom Odhiambo speaking. The event which is organised annually by the Kenya Publishers Association will also see the awarding of this year’s Wahome Mutahi Literary Prize 2014.
The events include;
a) Workshops and seminars on topical issues
b) Book launches
c) Children activities
d) Presentation of the Wahome Mutahi Prize for Literature- 2014
e) Budding Authors Seminar, Seminar on how to get published.
f) Books clearance sale and raffle for books – Publishers will sell books at huge discounts.
g) Books Exhibition
h) Authors Buffet- award wining authors will answering all your question on how to write an award wining title.
See you there folks.