Nairobi Book Festival

The Nairobi Book Festival, powered by Nuria Books, will be hosted at the MacMillan Library, Nairobi from November 30 – December 3, 2022.

In Kenya, like in many African nations, the publishing industry is really a textbook printing outfit that focuses mainly on presenting books for the Kenyan education system. Very few books come out of such systems as writers have to go through the sieve of whether their work is suitable for school children. With this in mind, many would-be-authors have opted to go the self-publishing route.

In the recent past, self-published writers have started building a community with launches attended by any from a handful to the hundreds. These writers now have Nairobi Book Festival, a new platform from Nuria Books one of the most popular stores where books are concerned in Nairobi’s Central Business District. The format is less panels and readings and more interacting with and buying books by your favourites and meeting new ones at the MacMillan Library. Here are some of the writers who have confirmed attendance (with many more coming);

1- Levi 

2-Ash Jay 

3- Eudiah Kamonjo 

4- Wanjiru M. Thuku

5- Mutendei Writes

6- Ed Magema 

7- Sandra 

8- Ciku Kimeria 

9- Cynthia Abdalla 

10- Clifford 

11- Luke 

12- Jephtha Malelah 

13- Kiruki 

14. Mariam Mpaata 

15. Faleri Muthoni 

16. Jean Kamina

17- Laura Awino

18- Mystery publishers

19- Bob Omamo 

20- Anjali 

21- Dora 

21- Daniel Wamathai 

22- Irene Kendi

23- Nyambura 

24- Ahmednoor 

25- Ciku Kimani 

26- Mutendei Writes

27- Catherine Njore

28- Richard Kiundi 

29- Victoria Ndeto 

30- Poonam 

31- Gabriel 

32- Thefu 

33- Anthony 

34- Prince Musau