Ken Saro-Wiwa


Ken Saro-Wiwa
Ken Saro-Wiwa

The Ken Saro-Wiwa Prize for Book Review 2017, worth N100,000 to the winner, is seeking your submission.

Committee for Relevant Art, CORA, promoters of the annual Lagos Book & Art Festival aka LABAF are seeking submission of entries in respect of the annual KEN SARO-WIWA PRIZE FOR BOOK REVIEW 2017.

The project is designed to further a key objective of the LABAF— deepening the culture of Reading and engagement of content of Literary works, particularly fiction, drama, poetry and non-fiction– all the genres where the late author, environmentalist and polemicist, Ken Saro-Wiwa excelled in his lifetime and illustrious writing career.

The prize project was launched in 2015 on occasion of the 17th LABAF, which was dedicated to mark the 20th anniversary of the state killing of Saro-Wiwa, himself a keen observer, commentator on, and critique of the quality of literature being produced in the country while he was alive.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Prize for Book Review 2017

To qualify, the contestant must have read and written reviews of any FOUR (4) of the following Books by the Festival’s Special Guest of Honour:

  • Songs from the Marketplace (1983)
  • Village Voices (1984)
  • The Eye of the Earth (1986)
  • Moonsongs (1988)
  • Songs of the Season (1999)
  • Waiting Laughters (1990)
  • Midlife (1993)
  • The Word is an Egg (2002)
  • Early Birds (2004)
  • Tender Moments: Love Poems (2006)
  • City Without People: The Katrina Poems (2011) • Random Blues (2011)


  1. Competition open to all – students, teachers, academics, non-academics, and general lovers of the written texts
  2. The review of the FOUR texts could be contained in one extended review write up, or sent as separate copies
  3. The review(s)must not have been published elsewhere.
  4. Entry must be sent on/or before October 30, 2017 to [email protected]


The sum of 100,000 is to be won by would be winner. The winning review would be widely published in the media and in reputable journals on Literature.

A shortlist of THREE finalists will be announced at the CORA BOOK TREK on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6– being the flag-off of the 2017 LABAF, hosted by the British Council, Lagos. Announcement of winners will be done on Saturday November 11 during the Festival’s Party at which the Festival Special Guest of Honour, Professor Osundare will be present.