Mukoma Wa Ngugi
Mukoma Wa Ngugi

Mukoma Wa Ngugi is one of the hottest young writers to come out of Africa in recent times. He celebrated his birthday with family last week.

The birthday can be an interesting thing where the African writer is concerned. We imagine that they all go crazy drinking their poison of choice leading to massive hangovers the day after.

The most memorable birthday party an African writer was this years birthday for Binyavanga Wainaina which was more of a coming out party on his sexuality (He is a homosexual, mum).

This past week there was another birthday or two. Lola Shoneyin celebrated her birthday on February 26 and from her twitter feed there was no major explosion either of the literary type of of the hangover type. There may have been drinking though.

Another birthday was that of Mukoma Wa Ngugi who was celebrating his birthday on February 27th. The Kenyan born, USA based writer was even less “explosive.” He spent the day finishing edits on his latest novel which he then sent to his agent (I can’t wait to read this new one). He also exercised (exciting stuff I tell you) pulling a muscle (no spring chicken) then drove from Ithaca to Norwalk where his wife and daughter had made him a carrot cake and carrot cup cakes. This was followed by dinner with his mother in law. This exciting fare was followed by him sitting by a hot fire and dozing off.

And they told you that writers are the hell raisers. Sigh.