Miles Morland Foundation 2014 scholarships open

Miles Morland promises big bucks to aspiring authors.
Miles Morland promises big bucks to aspiring authors.

Remember a few months ago when Doreen Baingana, Percy Zvomuya and Tony Mochama won a writing scholarship few of us had heard about from the Miles Moreland Foundation? Well you’ll be please to know that the scholarship in question by the Miles Morland Foundation has opened it writers for this year’s edition.

The Miles Morland Foundation today announced the 2014 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers and the deadline for submissions is Oct 31st 2014. Once you are in the competition the judges will be Ellah Allfrey, Femi Terry and Nadifa Mohamed. Allfrey is well known as an editor for some of your favourite African book while Nadifa Mohamed is the writer of two awesome books Black Mamba Boy and The Orchid of Lost Souls. Femi Terry… goes to Google… is the winner of the 2010 Caine Prize.

There are benefits to entering this prize; 18,000 reasons in UK pounds. If you are selected you are given 1,500 pounds every months until the end of the scholarship. In Kenya shillings that like… *Sanjay and Craig voice*… a million bucks!

Like anything involving money and receiving it there are some terms and conditions so for all details visit this handy page.

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  1. We thought about opening the Scholarships up to local languages; there is a lot of good writing being done in them though as a monoglot Englishman it is hard for me to judge how good. In a perfect world Kenyan donors should be supporting writers in Kenyan languages and Nigerian donors in Nigerian languages. Maybe their governments should be too. It’s up to people like you to beat on their doors so they do.

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