Melio Tinga

Mélio João Tinga’s manuscript Marizza was announced the winner of the Prémio Literário Imprensa Nacional/ Eugénio Lisboa 2020 on December 2, 2020.

Prémio Literário Imprensa Nacional/ Eugénio Lisboa is a literary award created by Mozambique’s Nacional Casa da Moeda in 2017. The award centres Eugénio Lisboa, as a citizen and man of culture born in Mozambique, but also as an author who wanted to create this prize encouraging Mozambican literary creation. It aims to select unpublished works of great quality in the field of literary prose and contemplates the publication of the works celebrated in each edition. Previous winners have been Sérgio Simão Raimundo, Aurélio Manuel Furdela, and Pedro Pereira Lopes.

The jury for 2020 of Mozambican poet and editor Mbate Pedro, as President, alongside Sara Jona Laisse and Paula Mendes went through 42 texts that were submitted. From these, they gave the award to the text Marizza by Mélio João Tinga and an honourable mention to the text Eva by Léo Cote.

Mélio Tinga who was born lives and works in Maputo is a communication designer, writer, and entrepreneur. He goes home with the €5,000 prize money and his manuscript will be considered for publication.