SABLE Poet-in-Residence, Patricia Foster with members of The Clouds Poetry Collective in The Gambia

There will be an International Book and Art Fair as part of the Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sport hosted in Bajul, Gambia from 6-20 January 2018.

Mboka which means ‘One Family’ in Wolof. The Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sport festival was founded by three people including Kadija George a literary activist, project arts manager and teacher/trainer. Then there is Dr. Momodou Sallah a leader in Globalisation and Global Youth Work at the Social Work, Youth and Community Division, De Montfort University, UK. Lastly there is Adama Bah an associate member of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism. The festival was hosted in The Gambia for the first time in Banjul in January this year with Ngugi wa Thiong’o as the headliner. Read our snapshot of the festival here.

The organisers of the Mboka Festival of Arts, Culture and Sport have announced the dates for the second of the edition. The festival has been extended from a 10 day to a 14 -day festival, and will take place from 6-20 January 2018 offering festival go-ers a 14-day festival of distinction and diversity that celebrates Gambian cultural heritage alongside African diasporic cultural heritage.

Mboka will be equally exciting and stimulating in 2018 as the festival embraces the ‘new dawn’ of The Gambia that happened in January 2017 when a new President was inaugurated after 28 years. We intend to celebrate this historic time annually with the festival showcasing and exhibiting produce from The Gambia, contributing to its creative and cultural economy.

Highlights in 2018 include International writers and artists headlined by internationally renowned UK reggae performance artist Linton Kwesi Johnson, Kankurang (Masquerade) Festival in Janjanburay,  Banjul2Dakar- A Presidential Fun Run4Peace in Africa, Ninkinanka Gambia River Cruise, Responsible Tourism Seminar on ‘Tourism and the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ 2030, and Conference on critiquing development from Southern Lenses.

The festival will again include local and international talent to produce an International Book Fair and Art Fair, “Good Market” Food Fair, Gambian Cultural Activities, Oware Tournament, Literary Festival, Singing and music from local artists, Drama, Storytelling, Music, Wrestling Matches, Yoga and Meditation. There will also be a retreat with visual arts workshops organised by Numbi Arts.

The festival is organised by Camp Africa, Global Hands and SABLE Publications with support from partners and funders including, Gambia Tourism Board and National Council for Arts and Culture , ADEPT (UK), Arts Council England, Numbi Arts (UK), Harlem Book Fair, the Organisation of Women Writers in Africa (USA) and Yaram Arts.

The Festival will be launched with a cultural extravaganza at Manduar.

We shall be sharing information about the festival where the literary highlights are concerned.