Les éditions Miezi, a new publishing house from Congolese writers and cultural operators, kicked off operations on January 19, 2021.

Miezi, which means “full moon” in Kikongo, aims to highlight the talents, beauty, and richness of Congolese and African literature. To achieve this aim, the organisation has several initiatives including facilitating access to books by Congolese and foreign authors; this is why its headquarters are in a popular township of Kinshasa.

Miezi is also a publishing house, a library, a bookstore, and a cultural space. For its initiators, the passion of MIEZI is to put culture and literature at the center of the life of the Congolese and every man. It has the major challenges of producing quality books at low prices and accompanying young Congolese writers in search of serious publishers.

For 2021, the editorial board is already working on the edition of issue 0 of  Lelo magazine,  an anthology of short stories and a novel.

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