Lauren Beukes writes Wonder Woman!

Lauren Beukes
Lauren Beukes

You know how you run a blog and you start getting worried that its starting to look like you are running a shrine to a specific author? No? Well that’s how its looking this week with South African author Lauren Beukes.

So a few days ago I was gushing about her announcement that her book Broken Monsters will be now a drama show on US TV. Very quickly after that City Press did a story about DC comics releasing a Wonder Woman story set in Africa in which the female superhero saves her male Justice League team-mates, Superman and Batman, from the claws of her nemesis, Cheetah.

WonderwomanTurns out the story was written by the aforementioned Lauren Beukes. As I read the story and marvelled about the ability of the author to write stuff that TV people love and now even Hollywood royalty. Damn.

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