This is me trying too figure out what Leo saw in this book.
This is me trying too figure out what Leo saw in this book.

It looks like author Lauren Beukes is going all the way as her book The Shining Girls gets signed up by MRC and Leonardo Dicaprio production company Appian Way. I came upon this information from the Hollywood Reporter as I tried to distract myself from watching the Groove Awards happening in Nairobi right now.

I met Lauren briefly in Cape Town in 2011 when I was one of the lucky folks that had gone to cover the Cape Town Jazz festival. It was at a little bar on the world famous Long Street where I got to share opinions with the South African author and she was pretty cool. Her title at the time was Zoo City and she went on to win the Arthur C Clarke Award for science fiction in the same year. Good stuff right there.

This April she came out with her new title The Shining Girls a book about a time travelling serial killer and how he (I assume) gets busted. I am currently on page seventeen so I am hoping he gets his (but not in a pervie way). It looks good which makes sense seeing as she allegedly got a six figure advance for the tome. That’s a six figure advance in Dollars and not Kenya Shillings mind you.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I read the Hollywood Report about the new link between the author and Leo’s company (note now that its Leo and not Leonardo – two degrees of separation dude!) and I have to say congratulations to the author.

When I am done I should totally review it on this space.