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Lauren Beukes and Sarah Lotz in running for Goodreads Choice Awards 2014

Sarah Lotz
Sarah Lotz

South African writers Lauren Beukes and Sarah Lotz are in the running for this years Goodreads Choice Awards. Their two books Broken Monsters and The Three are in the semi-finals for the horror category of what is considered to be the biggest website for book lovers.

Beukes’ Broken Monsters is about a serial killer, (most of her books are quite disturbing roho safi) who time travels as he kills girls who “shine.” Lotz’s The Three is about four planes crashing simultanously around the world and three kids who survive the crash and the impending end of the world scenario that unfolds.

Lauren Beukes
Lauren Beukes

As you can tell from just these little blurbs, these books are very terrifying to say the very least. What is even more scary is if you sleep at night without voting for our peeps and some non Africans go home with the prize. So ladies and gentlemen lets all vote for our own here. With  the ladies competing with the likes of Dean Koontz and James Rollings they’ll need all the help they can get.

Update: The award went to Anne Rice for Prince Lestat. Yep. The vampires win again. Bugger it. I’m pining for someone to do some good Lycan books now.

By James Murua

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I have voted already, but be assured that I am going back right this moment, to recast my vote. Thanks for letting us now.

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