Koleka Putuma presented her newest poetry collection Hullo Bu-bye Koko Come In at an event in CNA, Cape Town, South Africa on May 22, 2021. Her discussant was Mohale Mashigo.

In 2017, Koleka Putuma showed up with a new poetry collection titled Collective Amnesia off the back of the fame of the popular poem Water. Chaos ensued in the African literary scene as the queer young South African started making waves that saw her travel the world. Her book was printed multiple times making it a best seller, it had numerous translations, and it went home with the Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry.

Hullo Bu-bye Koko Come In, the sophomore offering from the Cape Town resident was her follow up to the runaway success to her debut. The title of the book is inspired by a South African phrase made famous by the legendary musician Brenda Fassie in her 1992 song, Istraight lendaba.

The first sighting of the book to the world was at an exclusive launch party held at The Grand Daddy Hotel Rooftop, Cape Town in early May. Those of us who couldn’t make it to Cape Town had an opportunity to watch her at an event broadcast from retailer CNA in the same city a few days ago. Putuma was in conversation with Mohale Mashigo (The Yearning (2016), Intruders (2018)) who not only resides in the Southern most city on the African continent but kept reminding us that she is not Oprah.

The event was an intimate affair where we learnt about the journey since she came in, why she opted to get ownership of her work, her favourite colour, and loads more. You can watch the whole interaction on the following video. Please note that there is an issue with sound with parts of the video. It might be a bit frustrating but still totally worth it.