Kinyanjui Kombani’s newest novel Of Pawns and Players is now available for pre-order. This is the third novel from the Nairobi, Kenya based author popularly known as the “banker who writes”.

Kinyanjui Kombani is a Kenyan novelist, playwright, scriptwriter, and literature activist. He burst onto the scene in 2004 with his debut novel The Last Villains of Molo one of the few pieces of art that have been produced about Kenya’s first post-election crisis in 1991. We loved it. He followed in 2013 with Den of Inequities a book that follows a killer gang in Nairobi that we also loved.

Apart from fiction for adults, he wrote two books for children in 2007 Wangari Maathai: Mother of Trees a biography of Kenya’s Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai and We Can Be Friends: Theme, Spread of HIV/AIDS. He also wrote a Young Adult book called Finding Columbia which won the Burt Award for Young Adult Literature in Accra, Ghana last year.

The author’s new novel Of Pawns and Players tackles the underground world of betting in the simple and humourous narrative style that has made him a household name in contemporary fiction. Below is the book’s trailer.

The book published by Oxford University Press is now ready for your reading pleasure. Just like he did with his previous title, he is inviting those who want to pre-order the book to do so.

Update: Pre-orders no longer apply as the book is already available to the general public in all good bookstores. For more information about the book, you can visit Kinyanjui Kombani’s official website at