Kap Kirwok gives his lecture.
Jason Kap Kirwok

Kenyan authors Kinyanjui Kombani and Jason Kap Kirwok both published by Longhorn Publishers are set to launch their latest books together in Nairobi in a few days.

Readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Kinyanjui Kombani who has two titles to his name; The Last Villains of Molo and Den of Inequities. These books describe modern Kenya in ways that can only be described as brilliant. Kombani is also at the head of group of writers who came up with the Authors Buffet to ensure that people know about their works.

Arusha, Tanzania based Jason Kap Kirwok has written several titles including Telling it to the birds, I blame the Sky, Loud Monologues, Silent Dialogues and Heartbeats of the King. He won the 2013 Jomo Kenyatta Prize for literature for I blame the Sky.

Kinyanjui Kombani should be there.
Kinyanjui Kombani.

The two writers will be unveiling their latest books the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi on April 22 at 6:15pm. Jason Kap Kirwok will be unveiling The Heart is a Reluctant Nomad while Kinyanjui Kombani will be officially launching Den of Inequities.

The event will also be a book harvest event to benefit a newly built library for Chemoge Secondary School in Mt Elgon sub-county. Invitees are encouraged to donate an old/new book(s) for general or academic reading.