Khalil Diallo, Eugène Ébodé, Yamen Manai are Prix Mare Nostrum 2021 finalists.

Khalil Diallo, Eugène Ébodé and Yamen Manai were revealed to be finalists of the Prix Mare Nostrum 2021 on September 30, 2021.

Mare Nostrum – Une Méditerranée autrement (English: Our sea – A Mediterranean otherwise), is an association of women and men, united by the desire to promote “Mare Nostrum” within the Occitanie Region, on all the shores of the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. The organisation features literature from across the Mediterranean on their website.

Their newest initiative is Prix Mare Nostrum 2021 (Mediterranean Grand Prize for Literature and Spirituality) which plans to crown two works reviewed on the association’s website between October 1 of the previous year and September 30 of the current year. Two categories are offered: “Novels with an exclusively Mediterranean theme” and “Essays linked to the Mediterranean on the historical, geopolitical, philosophical, spiritual and cultural level, or on the original traditions of ancient or ancient texts”. The cash prize of €12,000 is divided equally between the two winners.

The first selection of the prize was made public over the weekend which included the following writers of African descent in the novel category;

  • Khalil Diallo, L’odyssée Des Oubliés (Emmanuelle Collas).
  • Eugène Ébodé, Brûlant était Le Regard De Picasso” (Gallimard).
  • Yamen Manai – Bel Abîme (Elyzad).

Khalil Diallo responded to his listing by Tweeting, “Heureux finaliste du Prix Mare Nostrum 2021 avec l’odyssée des oubliés.” (English: Happy Mare Nostrum 2021 Award finalist with the Odyssey of the Forgotten”)

The vote by readers is due to take place between November 1 and 15 before the result is announced by the president of the association Éliane Bedu.