The Kenyan Readathon 2021, dedicated to Kenyan books, is set to kick off on September 1. This announcement was made by series founder Lexa Lubanga on July 31, 2021.

In 2020, Booktuber and literary activist Lexa Lubanga announced the new initiative the “Kenya Readathon” to celebrate writing from the East African nation. The initiative from the Meja Mwangi Stan encouraged readers to promote Kenyan authors with their beautiful works as well as support local bookstores.  Featured writers were Kinyanjui Kombani and Ida Kemunto while poets were Lexas Mshairi, Poet Teardrops, Karanja Wangui, Revolutionary Spitter, Mufasa, and Poet Norman.  

The second edition of the initiative was announced on YouTube by its founder this past Saturday. Readers are asked to pick up books, watch movies, and listed to music from Kenyan creators. Watch the video of the announcement below;               

Today the initiative revealed recommended reading for the month in a thorough list of books by Kenyans. It also presented its prompts for the weeks of September and they are;

Week 1

  • Start a novel
  • Read short stories.
  • Visit bookshops near you.
  • Share book recommendations

Week 2

  • Discovery of folk tales.
  • Read a historical book (Fiction/nonfiction)
  • Read a set book in your country

Week 3

  • Revisit you high school set books
  • Read a memoir biography
  • Discover our publishers from then

Week 4

See y’all on September 1 as we start celebrating the breadth of Kenyan stories. You can follow proceedings of the readathon on the projects official Twitter account.

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