The Man in green Dangarees
The Man in green Dungarees

The big story in Kenya right now is the #NgiluSinghJokes that have been trending on the Kenyan twitter. The jokes as a back story started when the police teargassed Kenyan school kids in what many considered a land grab by a powerful Kenyan. The lands minister or Cabinet Secretary as we call them here tabled the names of the directors of the company that allegedly owns the land the school kids play on. They were an interesting set of names;

  • Mandip Singh Amrit,
  • Madat Singh Amrit,
  • Harban Singh Amrit
  • Kamal Singh Amrit

As you can see the names are very similar. With this revelation Kenyans on Twitter or #KOT started the #NgiluSinghJokes trend that has been rocking the popular social media portal. The images have been mainly of embattle Deputy President William Ruto who many assumed was the person behind the land grab. Many of the images include him dressed in a turban or him as a “private developer.”

Literature reflects life!
Literature reflects life!

Even as we worry about the drama of dealing with high placed individuals in Kenyan society it seems reading literature is a good way of gauging how prevalent something that actually happening in society. Take a case in point The Man in The Green Dungarees by Nganga Mbugua. In Page 76 we are introduced to a private developer called Kuldeep Singh which clearly shows that Singh as a property person in Kenya isn’t as strange as you would image.

Maybe we want to start reading a bit more and see what our society actually looks like?