Kenyan author Mwangi Gicheru has passed away

Mwangi Gicheru and some of his books Photo/Longhorn Publishers Facebook
Mwangi Gicheru and some of his books Photo/Longhorn Publishers Facebook

Kenyan author Mwangi Gicheru famous for penning some of the most well known fiction titles in the land of his birth has passed on.

His passing was announced today by his publisher Longhorn Publishers who had shepherded some of his works in the Kenyan market from the days when they went by the name Longman Publishers. His most famous books were Across The Bridge(Longman 1979) and Two In One (Longhorn 1984). Across the Bridge is a love story involving a not very well off young man and his interest in a very wealthy girl while Two in One is about the kidnap of an infant and the things that a couple go through to seek their loved one.

The writer had other titles to his name. They include The Ivory Merchant (1976), The Mixers (Longman 1991) and The Double Cross (1983), A Handful of Terere a biography of Mbugua Githere. His most recent work was The Ring in the Bush published last year by Sasa Sema an imprint of Longhorn publishers.

We shall keep you updated on this story as we get more information.

RIP Mwangi Gicheru and condolences to you family and friends.

3 Replies to “Kenyan author Mwangi Gicheru has passed away”

  1. I think Across the bridge played a part in shaping my love for art and literature- Having studied literature since childhood to the University, I am sure that his creativity was sound and beyond many scholars in this country. Rest in peace icon, I must buy an new copy of across the bridge in his honour!

  2. I read ‘Across the Bridge’, Two in One, …and, just now, the time am writing this, got hold of the ‘Ivory Merchant 1976’, by chance. It is captivating. Not many copies of it in circulation unless a reprint. His works will keep his spirit alive!

  3. I am a filmmaker who is interested in adopting one of Mwangi Gicheru’s books into a screenplay. Kindly assist me with the contacts to reach the relevant people for the book right.

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