Wairimu Mwangi
Wairimu Mwangi

So from 6-11 October folks from all over the place were in Kampala for the Kampala Writer’s Conference 2015. This is a conference that makes all of us realise yet again that the Uganda literature industry is not playing anymore.

So the conference at the Pan-African Freedom Square organisers Kahini invited writers from any country and continent with a focus on East Africans. The idea was that they would get learning in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. It was also aimed at hopefully helping the workshop participants to deepen in their genre of choice, learning new skills and ideas and leaving with newly drafted material for further development. It would also have been nice to strengthen and deepen the writing community in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, and the world at large which we all support.

The mornings in Uganda’s largest city were spent with long sessions dedicated to writing in the genre of choice directed by the faculty in that genre. The facilitators were Rebecca Brown (nonfiction), Beatrice Lamwaka (fiction) and Ife Piankhi (poetry). The afternoons had visits to local schools’ writing clubs and evenings alternated between rest and reading events (poetry slam, open mic, etc).

We weren’t there but our good pal Wairimu Mwangi who is the lady behind Sweet Sorrow was there and she was kind enough to allow us to share images from her experience. Enjoy. Also buy her book. #SupportingAfricanReadingAfrican

Wairimu Mwangi with Millicent Muthoni

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Wairimu Mwangi with Betty Kaigo

Wairimu Mwangi with Jean Paul Seka

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Ssekandi Ssegujja Ronald, Millicent Muthoni, Wairimu Mwangi and Hathor Rao

Wairimu Mwangi with Kelly

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