John Sibi-Okumu

John Sibi-Okumu was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Carthage Theatre Festival 2021 in Tunis, Tunisia on December 4, 2021.

The Carthage Theater Days or Journées Théâtrales de Carthage is a theatre festival hosted by the government of Tunisia since 1983. It happens every two years alternating with the Carthage Film Festival.

The festival this year feted Kenyan playwright and actor John Sibi-Okumu for his services to theatre. Sibi-Okumu is one of Kenya’s most celebrated playwrights having written award winning plays for years. Recently, five of his plays Role Play, Minister Karibu, Meetings, Kaggia, Elements, and Dinner At Her Excellency’s were compiled into a book. The book entitled J.E. Sibi-Okumu Collected Plays 2004-2014, published by Jahazi Press, made its official debut at the NYrobi Book Festival this year.

Sharing the news of his win John Sibi-Okumu said;

“Friends. On Saturday, 4th December I received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 22nd Carthage Theatre Festival (les JTC -Journe’es The’atrales de Carthage) in Tunis. I have stayed on to take in an average of two plays a day, albeit some in incomprehensible Arabic, but still enlightening in terms of insights into acting and directing. Plus some discussions. The organisation and welcome to all guests have been “bench-markingly” fabulous!”