Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi is advising readers against buying the edition of Kintu first produced by Kwani Trust.

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi first came to continental fame in the literary community when she entered and won the Kwani Manuscript Prize in 2013. Part of the reward for winning this prize was that her manuscript then called The Kintu Saga was to be published. When the book came out a year later under the Kwani Trust label it was titled Kintu. It quickly established the novelist as one of the leading literary names from East Africa. She has since gone on to fame and (some) fortune with other books like the short story collection Manchester Happened and the novel The First Woman.

While the Manchester-based Ugandan has moved on to bigger and better things, her first novel Kintu has had mixed success on the continent for her. While the book is hugely popular, by 2016 her Kenyan-based publisher was having problems with printing and distributing the title. At the same time, Kwani seemed to run into trouble as a publisher; Makumbi withdrew the rights for the novel which she sold to Oneworld, the sold distributer of Kintu in Anglophone Africa.

However, in December 2019 while promoting Manchester Happened in Uganda Makumbi was asked to sign copies of the Kwani issue Kintu which Kwani stopped printing in 2016. When she asked where they got them from, the readers said they had bought the books from Aristoc the previous day. Recently, a lawyer in Uganda informed Makumbi that the Kwani issued book was available in another bookshop in Lubowa Estate. This lawyer pressed the bookshop owners and they informed him that the book was supplied to them by Book First in Kenya. After asking around, it has emerged that while the Kwani Trust has been stripped of the rights for the novel Kintu, the book is still being issued and distributed in Kenya and Uganda without paying royalties to Makumbi. As Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi seeks legal redress, she has asked her readers to stop buying the book which was issued by Kwani which is obviously a pirated edition. She asks that you the reader buy the UK edition instead.

Here is the edition that is to be avoided (all other versions are legal)

This is one of the legal versions you can buy.