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Jean D’Amérique wins Prix Heather-Dohollau 2022

Jean D’Amérique’s book Atelier du silence was declared the winner of the Prix Heather-Dohollau 2022 on April 12, 2022.

Heather Dohollau born in Wales was a poet who wrote many plays and essays before she passed away in 2013. Prix Heather-Dohollau is awarded to a book in poetry in French.

The jury for 2022 comprised Emmanuelle Favier (president), Alain Emery (secretary), Clotilde de Brito, Éric Deschamps, Alain Donnio, Le jury 2022 Frédéric Grosche, Anne Le Baut, Françoise Le Bourg, Mérédith Le Dez, Annie Lucas, and Madeleine Ropars. On April 12, they met for the final vote of its literary prizes, in the presence of Romain Rollant, deputy for culture at the City of Saint-Brieuc and Hélène Dontenville, curator of the libraries of Saint-Brieuc at the Malraux library.

The winner of the Prix Heather-Dohollau 2022 was revealed to be Jean D’Amérique , winner of the 2022 Heather-Dohollau Prize for  Atelier du silence  (Cheyne publisher).

Reacting to the news Jean D’Amerique tweeted “Immense joy for my collection of poems “Atelier du silence”, which has just received the 2022 Heather-Dohollau Prize! All my gratitude to the jury for this beautiful award.” `  “            

The winners will be received on June 24 and 25 at the opening of the second edition of the literary meeting festival Ouvrez la parenthèse which will takes place in Saint-Brieuc from June 24 to July 10, 2022.

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