The ninth edition of the Jahazi Journal launched at the Alliance Française, Nairobi on February 24, 2021. You can check out the new edition of Jahazi by clicking here.

Jahazi is an arts & culture journal that builds bridges between theory & practice founded by late performing artist, director, playwright, storyteller, poet, and university lecturer Bantu Mwaura in 2006. It anchors culture in local & regional agendas by putting communities first.

The journal launch, conducted by publisher Kimani Njogu, was witnessed by a very small audience at the Alliance Française, Nairobi as well as those who could follow proceedings remotely on the Twaweza Communications YouTube page. It was a Covid-19 compliant afternoon with Immaculate ensuring that there was sanitising whenever there was a change of speaker on the podium.

The first presentation of the afternoon came from Garnette Oluoch-Olunya who has a long history with the journal which emerged. She worked with the founding editor-in-chief Bantu Mwaura and guest-edited it when he passed on in 2009. Her presentation focused on the history of the journal from the influence of its founding editor and the work they did at the beginning.

Oluoch-Olunya’s presentation gave way to the current edition’s editor Caroline Mose who spoke about the new issue which discusses the role of the artist and the changes in the creative sector with COVID-19 at the centre. She went through some of the contributions which dealt with issues artistic communities were dealing with. Her presentation gave way to contributors Peter Mudamba Mudamba, Dr Kathithe Kiiru, and Dr Wandia Njoya who spoke about their work in the journal.

After the presentations, the launch officially happened which in Kenya is an unveiling ceremony of the new product with its producers proudly beaming. On the stage were Caroline Mose alongside her editorial board Faith Oneya, Irene Cege, and J.K.S. Makokha (Mueni Lundi couldn’t make it) as well as publisher Kimani Njogu and Garnette Oluoch-Olunya.

The new addition to our literary canon has contributions from Austin Bukenya, Mercy Wambui, Mwenda Ntarangwi, Florence Sipalla, Wandia Njoya, Suzanne Mieko, George Gachara, Nanjira Sambuli, Joyce Nyairo, Kevin Mwachiro, George Kegoro, and many others.

You can watch the whole event online at the following address.

You can check out the new edition of Jahazi by clicking here.