The first edition of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival is set to run in Kaduna, Nigeria from October 21-23, 2021. The festival theme is ‘Spaces.’

There is a new festival called the ‘Hausa International Book and Arts Festival’ to happen in Kaduna, Nigeria in October. You can learn more about the new event from the official release they sent out below;

The Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF)

The Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) will be curated by Open Arts as a crisscross festival of Arts and Language. This festival aims to open up discussions about Hausa as a language through literature, history, music, and arts to be displayed to a new and exciting young audience.

The festival aims to showcase the best of contemporary African literature, poetry, music, art, film, and theatre in Hausa to a target audience of thousands of youths across West Africa. This is an important period in West Africa at the crossroads of extremism to consider arts in Hausa as focal points to address our problems. We hope to combine the tools of arts and literature through new digital collaborations and conversations to seek fresh perspectives about the role and meaning of culture in a time of crisis.

The central theme of the 1st edition of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) 2021 is ‘Spaces’. This edition will explore the spaces in between; spaces of origin of people and language; spaces of being and   becoming; spaces of our stories; the multiplicity of spaces of our humanity; how we embrace the layers of spaces within our identities in literature and creativity. In the spaces of HIBAF, we will explore the origins of Hausa literary spaces; converse and discuss notions of gender, identity, culture, and politics. Spaces are governed by cultural stereotypes, conventions, customs, clothing, and literature. The aim of HIBAF is to associate the fictional space with the practical space using language as a code to model space, define it and arrange it, to create safe spaces that allow for creative risk, a space for the delivery, performance and reawakening of identity.

The 1st edition of Hausa International Book and Arts Festival will be a healing space for Hausa readers and writers, an introspective space, a space fully saturated in Hausa stories, poems, performances will be held as a hybrid of virtual and physical engagements from October 21 to October 23, 2021 in Kaduna, Nigeria.


Learn more from the official website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.