golden-baobab-prizeThe fifth annual Golden Baobab Prize, a literary award that invites entries of unpublished African-inspired stories written for young audiences below the age of twelve is here. The mission of the Golden Baobab Prize is to inspire African writers to create enthralling African stories that will inspire the imaginations of generations of African children. Your stellar contributions to the genre have already begun a legacy in African literature we hope to sustain.Your stellar contributions in the past have helped us to find some of the most promising stories, beginning this great legacy in African children’s literature.

This year, Golden Baobab will award three prizes:

· The Picture Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers aged 6-8;

· The Early Chapter Book Prize awards $1,000 to the best story written for readers aged 9-11;

· The Rising Writer Prize awards $1,000 to the most promising young writer below the age of 18.

This year’s prize packages include a publishing deal and opportunities to attend exclusive Golden Baobab writers’ workshops. Additional rules and regulations can be found on our website. Please note that the Golden Baobab Prize is open to African citizens of all ages. Deadline for submission is July 14, 2013. We highly encourage entrants to submit their stories early. Golden Baobab seeks to ensure that in the next ten years young Africans everywhere will have access to excellent quality literature that they can relate to. Friends, the stories you have reviewed and shortlisted in the past are a testament to the bright future of African children’s literature. Let’s sustain this future. We invite you and the many writers you mentor to submit their stories early.

How can you get involved?
1. Forward this email on to interested persons, organisations or other writers you may know.
2. Encourage eligible persons (i.e. African citizens of all ages) in your networks to write and submit their stories.
3. Print out and put up our catchy poster in your workplaces, social centers etc. It should only take a minute!
4. Write a story yourself! You can find our rules and regulations here -