Ghana’s Entertainment Achievement Awards 2021 shortlists, featuring literary entries, were announced on February 16, 2021.

The Entertainment Achievement Awards seeks to recognise, unearth, spotlight, encourage and celebrate entertainers and entertainment industry players, who have distinguished themselves in the practice of their arts and in their chosen fields of endeavour.

Here are those in the running in categories that matter to those who follow literary news;

Best Author – Prose, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction

This award goes to a single writer of one or more of the literary genres of Prose, Poetry or Creative Nonfiction, who has released a piece of work, or a body of work, within the stipulated period under review. The winner must have distinguished himself/herself through his/her creative choices, prosaic technique, thematic focus and stylistic risks. The EAA shall also consider public reception, sphere of distribution and critical acclaim.

  • Abdul-Rahman Harruna Attah, Ahwene Pa Nkasa: Standing with JDM)
    Kwamena Ahwoi, Working With Rawlings
  • Ambassador D.K. Osei, Privileged Conversations – Adventures of An African Diplomat
  • Peace Adzo Medie, His Only Wife
  • Ayesha Harruna Attah, The Deep Blue Between

Best Performance Poet

This would be the Performance Poet who has performed at major shows and who has contributed immensely to the Poetry industry, in the year under review. The winner must have released/ published at least one popular Spoken Word track, or must have gained prominence through his/her outstanding stagecraft and performances. The Best Performance Poet must also have attained the highest level of public reception and critical acclaim, in the year under review.

  • Koo Kumi (The Griot)
  • Akambo (Coronialism)
  • I’m Edi (Duct Tape)
  • Nana Asaase
  • Menaye

The winners, selected by the voting public, will be revealed on March 27, 2021.