Frankfurt Rights

Frankfurt Rights, a new platform for international rights and license trade from Frankfurter Buchmesse, is seeking African Publishers to sign up.

Frankfurter Buchmesse, the world’s biggest and most important book fair hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, where buyers and sellers of rights from all over the world converge, has long been considered the Mecca of the rights business. Even before the pandemic and the need to go digital, it had started to work on an international rights platform, previously called IPR license, that would facilitate trade in rights and licensing for books/texts. In 2020, the platform was rebranded and is now called Frankfurt Rights.

The new platform seeks to bring in new full members from different parts of the world, including Africa.   The focus is on publishers for whom it is difficult to create visibility for their titles and who are also not used to this very convenient way of trading rights, licenses, and permissions. It is also an endeavour to create new links for publishers to be part of the international rights community, not just by being part of the catalogue, but also by providing training and best practices in rights trading. A final goal is to bring the whole publishing world to the platform and one day have a unified platform so that it becomes an easy-to-use tool for everyone.

African publishers now get the opportunity to join this world-class portal and give their titles the chance of being bought by buyers of rights from many different markets. At the same time, it also facilitates the buying of rights. To this blogger’s knowledge, this might be the first time that this specific type of opportunity is available to those of us who are on the continent. And yes. It is free until December 2021.

If you sign up for the portal, you get:

  • A custom publisher portal, including profile, key titles, and branding
  • Unlimited upload of titles to the platform
  • Instant Offer — automated, fully customizable, flat fee transactions
  • Instant Permissions — automated, fully customizable, permissions transactions
  • Instant rights guides — quickly created and exported rights catalogues
  • Advanced messaging functionality between buyers and sellers
  • Comprehensive search and browsing features
  • A 24-hour global market
  • Benefit from presentations and seminars around the topic of rights trading.

There is also an option that allows members to individualize and brand their Rights Portal so as to look like their own website. They can integrate the Frankfurt Rights services directly into their website and offer a seamless one-stop-shop experience to customers. You can watch a video in this online seminar on how this platform works in the blow video.


If you are a publisher on the continent with a catalogue and wish to share it with the world please contact me. (Disclosure: I am coordinating the registration for this new platform for African publishers).