For those who are looking for spaces to submit your stories, here are four anthologies that are excellent options.

  • Lesotho Story Anthology

Lesotho Story AnthologyTo promote short story writing from Lesotho, Ba re e ne re is proud to announce our first story Anthology. We know that our fertile landscape, from the mountains to the streets, cultivates the fresh stories of Basotho writing talent. Our anthology will encourage Basotho writers to thrive by serving as an outlet to showcase their work. Please support this project with your submissions, your readership and by spreading the word!

Your deadline is 30 June 2016.

  • Bakwa magazine short story competition.


Bakwa, the leading online literary and cultural magazine in English in Cameroon, has been at the forefront of cross-cultural exchange. The magazine intends to celebrate emerging writers from Cameroon by giving them the opportunity to submit stories which embrace realism, also highlight fantasy, science fiction, magic realism, romance, epic, political allegory and satire.

This is a one-off short story competition for Cameroonians residing in Cameroon or elsewhere in the world, who are 39 years and below. Entries can be in either English or French and should be between 3000 – 5000 words. The winner will receive FCFA 100,000, while the runner-up will receive FCFA 50,000. The best stories submitted for the competition will subsequently be published in an anthology in 2017. A series of post-competition events will include writing workshops, readings and a number of translation projects.

Your deadline is July 31st

  • Saraba Magazine welcomes submissions for 2016.


Saraba will explore the theme of “Power” for its nineteenth issue, and the theme of “Money” for its twentieth issue.

Issue 19: POWER

Power is everywhere, diffused and embodied. What is Power? Where is Power? How does Power work? How is Power used? In this issue, we will present creative propositions on power, seeking to understand how as Nigerians and Africans we bend it, fall to it, corrupt and uncorrupt it.

Issue 20: MONEY

There is constant need to think about money. Poor or rich, neoliberal or democratic socialist, PDP or APC, father or daughter, mother or son, parent or divorcee, urbane or peasant, what or whatnot. In Nigeria the dollar-naira exchange rate was at all-time low in early 2016. Money, basic for sustenance, yet unevenly distributed. We invite writers of all genres to think with us about money. “…best revenge is your paper,” is one famous song of 2016.

Your deadline is May 15, 2016.

  • The Republic

republicThe Republic reflects on what it means to be Nigerian. It seeks to discover the answer to the question whether Nigerians are any closer to understanding Nigerian life. The magazine, established this year, currently seeks personal and non-personal essays on Nigeria and issues relevant to Nigeria and African. It also seeks criticism submission on art, culture, politics and the economy, and fiction submissions.

The Republic Submission Guidelines

Essays: submit essays that explore Class and the Economy, Ethnicity and Identity, Gender, History, Migration and the Diaspora, Religion, Violence, and Youth and Politics. Personal Essays should be within the 800 – 1,200 words and non-personal essays should be within the 1,500 – 3,000 words limit. Send essays as PDF attachments to [email protected]

Criticism: The Republic is interested in crisp, original thoughts on art, culture, politics and the economy. It especially encourage you to submit satire. Works should between 200 and 1,200 words. Send your work as PDF attachments to [email protected]

Fiction: The Republic accepts short stories (7,500 words max) and novellas (30,000 words max). However, it does not accept unsolicited novel manuscripts. Send your stories as PDF attachments to [email protected]

Submissions must be written mainly in English or Pidgin English. The Republic only considers previously unpublished works. Submit no more than three stories, three essays or three works of criticism at a time. Send submissions as PDF attachments with the category of the manuscript in the subject line (e.g. FICTION).  Writers will be notified via email within 90 days. The Republic is willing to provide feedback, upon request and at its discretion.