Fête Du Livre de Kinshasa 2022

Fête Du Livre de Kinshasa 2022, the eighth edition of the festival hosted annually in DR Congo, will this year be hosted from February 4-20, 2022. The theme for the fair is “Children’s Literature and Publishing.”

Fête Du Livre de Kinshasa, which English speakers would translate to the Kinshasa Book Fair, has happened in the capital of one of the richest countries on the continent since 2013.  It is organized by the Pôle Eunic-RDC under the coordination of the French Institute in Kinshasa. It has hosted some of the leading names in African writing and beyond with guests like Wilfried N’sondé, Yasmina Khadra, Djali Amadou Amal, Ange Kasongo, and Gauz.

For 2022, cartoonists, publishers, literary critics, children’s literature authors, international and national slammers will be in Kinshasa to discuss literature and in particular children’s literature and the world of book publishing.

Some of the writers set to engage bibliophiles will be Mathilde Walton (France), Dominique Mwankumii (DRC, United Kingdom), Cécile Benoist (France) Mwanza Mujila (DRC, Austria), Jephte Mbangala (DRC), Veronique Tadjo (Côte d’Ivoire), Irene le Roy Ladurie (France) Jean Philippe Martin (France), Kash Kash Thembo Muhindo Kashauri (DRC), Fann Attiki Mampouya (Congo), Elisabeth Betty Mweya Tol’Ande (DRC), Richard Ali (DRC), Maud Ekila (DRC), Celena Ngoy (DRC), Séebastien Gayet (France), Microméga Le Verbivore ( DRC), Do Nsoseme (DRC), Isabelle Péhourticq (France), Peter Komondua (DRC), Max Lobe (Switzerland), Christian Gombo (DRC), Paul Kawczak (France, Quebec), Judith Kaluaji (DRC), and Barly Baruti (Belgium),

For those in Kinshasa who wish to participate, the program will be available online by clicking here or clicking here.