Ethale launches app for African books in Portuguese.

Mozambican publisher Ethale has launched an app for African books in Portuguese.

Mozambican publisher Ethale is one of the most exciting new names in African publishing in the last few years. It was founded by British journalist Alex Macbeth and Mozambican journalist Jessemusse Cacinda in 2016. Since then, they have published several books in the Portuguese language. They have also aggressively brought books from other language groups into Portuguese so that they can be consumed by those in Mozambique.

In 2020, Ethale Publishing launched Ethale Talks, a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the hottest and most important topics in African culture, literature, and community.

The latest offering from the publisher is the Ethale Books App which is the first digital e-book platform in Mozambique with the support of the Miles Morland Foundation. Current titles available include Matigari by Ngugi wa Thiong’o, A Strike of the Beggars by Aminata Sow Fall, and O Voo dos Phantoms by Mélio Tinga. There are plans to bring more books into the new app.  Readers and listeners can download the Ethale Books app for free from the Google Play Store. Books can be purchased through M-Pesa.

Also on offer on the app will be the 50 videos from Ethale Talks.

If you are in Mozambique, as this app is designated for that market specifically, please click here for the app.