Burt Award winner 2014 Elizabeth Kabui
Burt Award winner 2014 Elizabeth Kabui

Elizabeth Kabui is the winner of the grand prize in the Burt Awards for African Literature for 2014 for her book Wa Nyakeeru My Father published by Longhorn Publishers.
For those who might not be in the know the Burt Award, funded by Canadian philanthropist William Burt is an annual award which goes to fiction that is targeted at young adults.
The Burt Award is the richest in Kenya and Mrs Kabui went home with a cool CAD$ 9,000 (Sh780,000). The beauty about this award is that its not only the main winner who goes home with some good good. Coming second 2012 award winner Anthony Mugo with Ask the Stars going home with CAD$7,000 (Sh557,976) and third was Moraa Gitaa with The Shark Attack with CAD$5,000 (Sh400,000).
The winners will also have 3,000 of their books bought for distribution to schools.
The winner was selected from the nominees who were selected earlier in the year.
The 2013 edition of the award was won by Argwings Otieno for his book A Taste of Fame.