Sawiris Cultural Award 2016

Sawiris Cultural Award 2016

The Sawiris Cultural Award 2016 has made public its shortlists for best novel, short-story collection, and best screenplay. The six shortlisted for the best-novel prize were: Ahmed El Fakharany, Alaa Farghali, Mohamed Rabie, Musfafa Musa, Nahla Karam, and Hadra Girgis.

The Sawiris Cultural Award which is open to Egyptian nationals only is one of the richest on the continent with winners going home with thousands of US dollars in cash. The award is for the best novels, short-story collections, and screenplays to come out of the North African country in the last two years. The prize money for established authors is EGP 150,000 while for Emerging Authors the first prize is LE 80,000 and second prize is LE 50,000. The literary criticism award winner goes home with LE 100,000.

The 2015’s prizes went to Reda El Bahat for his novel Saa Ramleya Taamal Belkahrobaa (Sand clock working with electricity) along with novelist Wahid Taweela for his novel Bab El Leil (The Night’s Door) for best novel by established writers. The Best Short Story Collection Award for established writers was shared by Amal Radwan for her collection El Beit El Awalany (The First House) and Amr Aly El Adly for his collection Hekayet Youssef Idris (The Tales of Youssef Idris). The first prize for the Best Novel Award for emerging writers was shared by Ahmed Abdellatif for his novel Ketab El Nahat (The Book of the Sculptor) and Khaled Ahmed for his novel Shark El Daery (East Ring Road). The second prize for the Best Novel Award for emerging writers was also shared by Ahmed Ibrahim Al Sharif for his novel Mosem El Kabak (season of the Kabak), and Talat Faisal for his novel Sorour.

The winners are set to be announced January 9, 2017.

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