Paulu-KahumbuThe biggest story where the literature business is concerned is the Storymoja Hay Festival happening in September. It has emerged today that Dr Paula Kahumbu is the Storymoja Hay Festival Director. The Kenyan born and bred lady is famous for her wildlife conservation garnering her accolades from across the globe. I’m not really sure what this will mean for the festival seeing as she is an environmentalist and its a literary event. Perhaps she will be spearheading a campaign dubbed, “hands off our royalties” for authors in the same vein as the “hands off our elephants” that has been doing so well to allow us to to know about this racket.

Also of interestes to me right now is the Motown goes to Storymoja Concept. This will see singers led by June Gachui alongside Denise Roberts, Edward Parseen and his Different Faces band and a bunch of others doing Motown inspired music. This event will be happening on 19th September 2013. I’m looking forward to that.