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Dorothy Koomson joins UK Society of Author’s board, sets up podcast.

Dorothy Koomson who recently joined the UK Society of Author’s board is a newly minted podcaster with The Happy Author.

Dorothy Koomson described as “Britain’s biggest selling black author of adult fiction” is the writer of sixteen books. The full list of her books published to date are The Cupid Effect (2003), The Chocolate Run (2004), My Best Friend’s Girl (2006), Marshmallows For Breakfast (2007), Goodnight, Beautiful (2008), The Ice Cream Girls (2010), The Woman He Loved Before (2011), The Rose Petal Beach (2012), The Flavours of Love (2013), That Girl From Nowhere (2015), When I Was Invisible (2015), The Friend (2017), The Beach Wedding (Quick Reads) (2018), The Brighton Mermaid (2018), Tell Me Your Secret (2019), and All My Lies Are True (Ice Cream Girls 2) (2020).

On November 2,  the London-born Brighton-based author was elected to the UK’s Society of Authors Management Committee. The Society of Authors is a Kingdom trade union for professional writers, illustrators and literary translators, founded to protect the rights and further the interests of authors in 1884. The Management Committee is the Society of Authors board of directors, voted for by the union’s members, and responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation.

Commenting on her election, Koomson said: “The news is out there… I’m now a member of the @Soc_of_Authors management committee. Have been so busy haven’t had a chance to really celebrate & appreciate this news until now. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Looking forward to it. X”

On November 6, the author unveiled her new podcast called “The Happy Author with Dorothy Koomson.“ She did this with the Twitter statement: “Hello! I’m launching a podcast & writing series called the #TheHappyAuthor. As well as giving writing advice, I’ve interviewed publishing peeps to help demystifying the publishing world for writers & book lovers. The Podcast trailer is here:

The new entry into the podcastosphere (is that even a word?) has the following information;

The Happy Author is the podcast from multi-award-winning bestselling author Dorothy Koomson. Talking to people from all parts of the publishing industry as well as sharing her own story and insider secrets, Dorothy reveals what really goes on behind the scenes in the book world. Are you an aspiring author trying to get published, or do you just love everything about books? Then The Happy Author is the podcast for you.

There are already a few episodes on there with a trailer, a reintroduction of the author, tips on how to be a better author with the focus on engaging with the industry (yes, subscribing to this blog makes your writing better), and an interview with Publishing Director Jennifer Doyle. The interview with Doyle spoke about what she is looking for when picking who to publish and other helpful information.

The insights in this podcast have already been invaluable for this blogger and I couldn’t recommend that you subscribe. Click here to get to this podcast on Acast. The podcast is also available on your favourite podcast platforms including Spotify. You can also sign up for her newsletter to get regular updates.

By James Murua

This blog is run by James Murua a Nairobi, Kenya based lover of books.

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