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Djaïli Amadou Amal wins Choix Goncourt of Greece 2020.

Djaïli Amadou Amal’s Les Impatientes was announced the winner of Choix Goncourt of Greece 2021 on Thursday, July 8, 2021.

The Choix Goncourt of Greece is the Goncourt prize for high school students organized by the French Institute of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with the French Institute of Greece and the Goncourt Academy. The prize is aimed at strengthening the Francophonie in Greece, familiarizes participants with the French literary prizes, while cultivating the reading of contemporary French literature. The first winner was Jean-Paul Dubois.

The winner for 2021 is Djaïli Amadou Amal’s Les Impatientes (Editions Emmanuelle Collas) Christos Chrissopoulos, novelist and translator and honorary president of this 2nd edition said of the win;

“We thank all the students, high school students and their teachers who guided them throughout the year. We also owe a big thank you to the Goncourt Academy and more particularly to Pierre Assouline because as we have already mentioned in our past meetings, it was during his visit to Thessaloniki, here within our walls, two years ago. , which prompted us to organize the Goncourt Choice of Greece in order to integrate the large family of foreign countries which organize this prestigious award.”

The writer was also announced as the winner of the Choice Goncourt for the Czech Republic on July 2.

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