Diekoye Oyeyinka’s “Stillborn” is now “La douleur du geant.”

Diekoye Oyeyinka’s 2014 novel Stillborn has gotten a new lease of life in French as La Douleur du Geant (Tears of the Giant).

In 2014, Diekoye Oyeyinka gave us Stillborn, published by East African Educational Publishers, which followed the tale of Dopalo and Emeka as they grew up in a fractious Nigeria. The book which we really enjoyed would secure the Nigerian executive would an agent in the following year. Things were looking up then the book went quiet for a while as we waited for its rest of Africa unveiling.

The book seems to have had a new lease of life in French with the title La Douleur du Geant (Tears of the Giant). The rights to the book in French were secured by boutique French publishing house Edition de L’Aube, translated by Benoite Dauvergne, and released in December 2017 to rave critical reviews. The book blurb from the French, courtesy of Google translate, and a bit of editing goes thus;

“Diekoye Oyeyinka, in this first novel, chooses to tell us the birth of free Nigeria. He did so by giving the floor to the young Seun, who, returning to the country after years of life in the West, will have to reconnect with its history and that of Nigeria, the two being inextricably linked. Sometimes, we leave Seun to follow other destinies – those of Emeka, Dolapo, Aisha – and together, it is in Nigeria, this African giant, that they give life before our eyes. The most populous country in Africa, one of the largest economic powers of the continent, plagued by corruption, is in itself a striking character. The reader has no option but to be caught up in this powerful, poetic, violent and abundant story. Do not go your way: this book will live with you for a long time.

Diekoye Oyeyinka, born in 1986, has lived on three continents. He spent his first fifteen years in Nigeria and the next ten years between Europe and the United States. Graduate of grandes écoles, he worked at the United Nations. He lives today in Lagos where he writes.”

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