Dayo Ntwari to read at Goethe Kigali

Dayo Ntwari
Dayo Ntwari

Dayo Ntwari has been having a great year. The Rwandan writer with the Nigerian connection started his writing year with a shortlist on the Writivism Short Story prize. This was followed with a shortlist for the inaugural Huza Press Short Story Award the first in Rwanda. He is also on the longlist for Short Story Day Africa.

Dayo GoetheDayo’s who’s work is starting to appear in various spaces is rapidly building a name the Sci-Fi arena. For those who might want to see the next big thing from Rwanda then I suggest that you make it to the Goethe-Institut in Kigali on Thursday evening (24th September) at 6:30pm. Here you will hear Dayo reading from his story Nomansland which was shortlisted for the Huza Press Short Story Award. Nomansland is a story about an attempt to transition from one world to another.

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