Philippe Masegabio Nzanzu

Congolese poet and academic Philippe Masegabio Nzanzu passed away on May 16, 2022.

Philippe Masegabio Nzanzu was born in 1944 in the province of Equateur and he completed his Greco-Latin humanities at Saint-Thomas de Lisala College. A lover of Romanesque philology, Philippe Masegabio was a doctor of letters and philosophy trained at the University of Lovanium (the current University of Kinshasa). As the first president of the Union of Writers of Congo, this great writer directed the editorial staff of the magazine “Domi” and was part of the new wave of Congolese writers born in the seventies. “Le Zaire Écrit” is this anthology of poetic works written by his peers that he gathered in 1952.

Some of his main contributions to the literary canon have been;

  • Somme première (Poèmes) ONRD , Lettres congolaises, 1968
  • La cendre demeure, Lokole, 1973
  • Fais moi passer le Lac des caïmans, Dombi, diffusion 2000
  • Le jour de l’Éternel, chants et méditation, Harmathan, 2009
  • Tshikaya. U. Tam’si, le feu et le chant, une poétique de la dérision, Harmathan, 2017

Some of the prizes he got for his work include second prize for poetry Sébastien NGONSO with “Sum première” in 1967, first prize in the poetry competition organized by the Goethe Institut and the Faculty of Letters of Lovanium University in Kinshasa with “Le temps des noces” in 1968.

Apart from his roles at the Union of Writers of Congo, he also had roles as in the Congolese government system.