Ciku Kimeria launches ‘Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges’ in Kampala

Ciku Kimeria
Ciku Kimeria Photo/Femrite

Ciku Kimeria is a Kenyan writer who exploded onto the literature scene last year with her book “Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges.”

The book has been blurbed thus; “It is generally accepted that there are only two possible outcomes to the flipping of a coin – heads or tails. In reality, there is also a small possibility of the coin landing on its edge. In this book we explore the tumultuous marriage of a middle aged Kenyan power couple as it is told by different parties in their life. On this riveting journey across the foothills of Mt. Kenya and the chaotic streets of Nairobi, the reader will learn that the truth is not a universal concept, but one that is dependent on the person telling the story.

Kimeria, whose full time job is as a consultant focusing on international development issues, had her first major literary conference appearance at the Storymoja Festival 2014.

The audience listens to Ciku Photo/Femrite
The audience listens to Ciku Photo/Femrite

It seems that our Kimeria has started spreading her wings as she launched her book under the auspices of Femrite in Uganda yesterday evening at the office courtyard in Kampala. Femrite for those not in the know is probably the most active women’s literature outfit on the continent which is saying something.

There was a decent turnout at the event and hopefully we shall see more African writers crossing borders to showcase their work.

Update: If you missed the event you can buy the book at Aristoc in Garden City and Acacia Mall

By James Murua

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