Chibundu Onuzo joins sister in Nigerian election song.

Chibundu Onuzo
Chibundu Onuzo

Dinachi Onuzo is Nigerian musician who was born in Lagos but is now based in London, England. The musician plays a blend of jazz, folk, highlife and gospel.

Dinachi Onuzo is the sister of one of our favourite Nigerian writers Chibundu Onuzo and Sahara Reporters are reporting that the two have come out with a new song Choose Wisely. I have heard a listen and I have to say that its quite catchy. In fact the last half day I have been going around singing, “chooooose wisely, fours years na long time o, four years na long time o.”

As you can imagine, most of the singing is done by the singer in the family and Chibundu is seen singing but the behind the mic. I suspect that she accepted that her strength is before the keyboard for writing words and not for playing music? Check out the song here.

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