Channels Book Club unveils their top 20 Nigerian Books of 2016

Channels Book Club unveils their top 20 Nigerian Books of 2016

Channels Book Club, one of the few TV shows on the continent dedicated to books, have unveiled their top 20 Nigerian Books of 2016. Some of the authors featured on this list include Leye Adenle, Johwor Ile, Elnathan John and Helon Habila.

The Channels Book Club is a book and author based program aiming to promote and highlight the essentials of books and authors. Those running the channel unveiled what they felt were the outstanding books to come out of Nigeria in 2016 and this is a list not to be ignored as these guys know their people. The book isn’t just fiction but has other types of writing featured therein like nonfiction. The books are

For those who don’t have the time to look at these videos, we have list here in full. We have attached some videos either that tell you something about the books featuring some of the authors or their work where we can find them. Many feature Channels Book Club who compiled this list.

  • The Chibok Girls: The Boko Haram Kidnappings and Islamic Militancy in Nigeria – Helon Habila

  • And After Many Days – Jowhor iIe
  • Easy Motion Tourist – Leye Adenle
  • After they Left – Edify Yakusak
  • Nigeria 2.0 – Dayo Adedayo
  • The Smart Money Woman – Arese Ugwu
  • Born on a Tuesday – Elnathan John
  • Guardians Of The Seal – Tunde Leye
  • Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon – Nike Campbell-Fatoki
  • Season of Crimson Blossoms – Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

  • The Raging River – Amara Van Lare
  • Secrets of the Streets – Teju Babyface

  • For Sam – Jimi Disu
  • The Essential Guide to Land Acquisition in Nigeria – Yomi Fawehinmi
  • Kings and Not Slaves – Ola Osibodu
  • Known and Strange Things – Teju Cole

  • The King and The Colony – Olasupo Shasore
  • A Conspiracy of Ravens – Othuke Ominiabohs
  • Blue Skies, Red Seas – Lanre & Bolu Onasanya
  • Long Throat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds – Yemisi Aribisala