Barbara Kimenye’s passing is just sad

I woke up this morning to the news that Barbara Kimenye the author of the the Moses Series of children’s books is dead. Very sad. There is hope for children’s literature still though. The Guardian yesterday reported that Barbara Kimenye passed on at the age of 82. It doesn’t stated how the grand dame of […]

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The Paralympics and the Henry Wanyoike biography

The Paralympic games ended in London last Sunday and the victorious team has already come home even meeting the British envoy at his house in Nairobi for a huge bash. I am an advocate for the disabled regularly lambasting pubs in my weekly venue review for lacking disability access. Whilst everyone needs to have access […]

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Alexander Nderitu’s guide for Kenyan writers.

A look at “Changing Kenya’s Literary Landscape” a paper by Alexander Nderitu who I met when I went to visit ailing author Marjorie Oludhe-Macgoye. When I joined that delegation to see the ailing Marjorie Oludhe-Macgoye two Fridays ago I joined writers in fervent discussions about getting one’s work out. My strength at the discussions was […]

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Talking books at Marjorie Oludhe-Macgoye’s Ngara home

Where authors meet at Marjorie Oludhe-Macgoyes home in Ngara and talk books. One of the best movies I have watched in my life was Finding Forrester a movie at the turn of the millennium starring Sean Connery. Connery  acts as William Forrester a reclusive writer who lives in Harlem  and who has lived there for […]