Billy Kahora
Another chance for our Billy Kahora

We all know the benefits of the Caine Prize to you as an African writer. The people who have been short listed and who have won it in the last fifteen years have had it good. Real good. Some of these names are now the biggest names in the African writing game so being one of them can’t hurt your writing career.

To all those who want to be in it, you can’t win it if you’re not it, then you have until Saturday for you to be in the running. There are rules as usual as you get a lot here like literary cred and UK pounds10,000. They are;

  • Unpublished work is not eligible for the Caine Prize.
  • Submissions should be made by publishers only.
  • Only one story per author will be considered in any one year.
  • Submissions should specify which African country the author comes from.
  • We require 6 copies of the work in its originally published version.
  • If the work is published in a book or journal, we would like to receive at least one copy of the book / journal and five photocopies; but particularly where several stories are submitted from one anthology we would like if possible to receive six copies of the book / journal itself.
  • If the work is published online, we would like to receive six photocopies.
  • Only fictional work is eligible.

That means that if you have been just sitting around waiting for people to give you stuff you have a lot more waiting to do. Anyone can enter as long as they have already been published. Even Billy Kahora as these folks keep telling us.

P.S. If writing fiction isn’t your thing then you can look out for the job for a Web Content Editor at the same organisation.