world recordI have featured this before. Storymoja publishers have been attempting for the last couple of years been trying to break the work record for the number of people reading aloud from the same text at the same time. This attempt was tried last year and earlier in the year.

Well its that time again as the next assault on the world record is on. The time that the world attempt will be made on 15th June, the day of the African child and the book being read aloud is… Attack of the Shidaz by Muthoni Muchemi. Again. I need that contract for the book being read aloud seriously.

There is a different approach to how they are doing the event this year as the publisher has decided to adopt reading ambassadors to get the word out. They include Murugi Kagotho (an writer at a website called Hapa Kenya), Kinyanjui Kombani (banker and writer), Wanja Kibuki (Vitabu Vyetu), Ronald Osumba (politico and business executive), Simon Solinga (Musician), Martin Gicinga (Nakuru businessman) and a bunch of others. These ambassadors will be at different schools to ensure that the kids are reading loudly enough. I think.

Good luck Storymoja.