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We wrap up book news for our readers in our regular Book Digest segment with books from Virgilia Ferrao, Michele Rakotoson, Anietie Isong, and Michaela Dudley.

Espíritos Quânticos: uma jornada por histórias de África em ficção especulativa edited by Virgilia Ferrao

Publication Date: 2022
Genre: Speculative fiction, Anthology
Language: Portuguese
Where to find it: Amazon

Virgilia Ferrao

Virgília Leonilde Tembo Ferrão
Virgília Leonilde Tembo Ferrão

Virgília Leonilde Tembo Ferrão’s started her literary career with the launch of O Romeu é Xingondo e a Julieta Machangane published by UEM University Press in 2005. In September 2008, she graduated in Law at the Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique. In 2011, she left for Melbourne, Australia, to do her Masters in Environment. Her second work, O Inspector de Xindzimila was published by Brazilian publisher Selo Jovem in 2016. Currently, she works for Total E&P Mozambique Area 1, as a legal consultant and is the administrator of the blog “diário de uma qawwi”. She was awarded the November 10 Prémio Literário for her third novel Corais e Rosas in 2019.

Espíritos Quânticos: uma jornada por histórias de África em ficção especulativa

Espiritos Quanticos

Thirty-two must-see speculative fiction stories in one collection: Simi tries to understand the strange series of numbers on Chijioki’s computer; A group of young people clandestinely initiates a series of meetings on Mount Chinhamapere; A couple lives episodes of terror, in their apartment seven houses from the floor; the breaking of the pact sealed between six villages and the greatest of all beings and spirits, brings disastrous consequences for the land; a peaceful and passionate writer, he lives in two worlds: the physical world and that of the spirits; Diego, artificial intelligence, registers a serious anomaly after entering a nightclub; Malawi: People are being replaced by high-capacity androids; A woman agrees to enroll in a school at the bottom of the sea;

This anthology, in its first volume, brings together mostly fantastic tales, with some science fiction, including space opera.

Ambatomanga, Le silence et la douleur by Michele Rakotoson

Publisher:  Atelier Nomades
Publication Date: May 5, 2022
Genre: Fiction
Language: French
Where to find it: Amazon

Michele Rakotoson

Michèle Rakotoson
Michèle Rakotoson

Michèle Rakotoson is a writer, journalist, and Film Maker from Madagascar. Her novels include Dadabé. Since 1983, she has lived mainly in France.

Ambatomanga, Le silence et la douleur

In 1894, France prepared to invade Madagascar. Félicien Le Guen then left his native Brittany to join the French contingent on the Big Island and hoped to defend the values of his country. Tavao, a young slave, porter in the service of a Malagasy family meanwhile lives in Ambatomanga, in the tenacious fear of an imminent war. Faced with the arrogance of the invaders, Queen Razafindrahety finally organizes the counter-offensive to protect her lands and her people. Tavao then leaves his pregnant wife to join his master in battle. While Félicien Le Guen undergoes the strategies of senior Parisian officials, ignorant of the consequences of an assault during the rainy season, Tavao is confronted with the horrors of war. Under a moist and scorching heat, over the throbbing crossing of forests and swamps infested with mosquitoes, resounds the cry of these young soldiers crushed in the vice of a nascent colonization.


Publisher:  GrünerSinn-Verlag
Publication Date: February 8, 2022
Genre: Nonfiction, essays
Language: German
Where to find it: Vegan Verlag, Race

Michaela Dudley

Michaela Dudley
Michaela Dudley

a trans* woman from Berlin with Afroamerican roots, is a cabaret artist, a columnist, a composer, a keynote speaker and a lawyer. She writes for the taz, the Tagesspiegel, the LGBTQ magazine Siegessäule, Missy Magazine and Rosa Mag. “Milieu and mainstream”, as she underscores. In her satirical, socially critical cabaret program „Eine eingefleischt vegane Domina zieht vom Leder“, she portrays a dominatrix serving as an angel of justice. In television and radio appearances, such as the Kulturzeit (3Sat-TV), she serves as a commentator of cultural topics. In 2019, she was a guest moderator during the live transmission of Gay Pride in Berlin in RBB Television. She also appears regularly in the show Kulturzeit (3Sat TV), e.g. discussion women’s rights at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019, in 2020 with a reply to J.K. Rowling regarding trans* femininity and in the same year with her musical tribute to the black tran*s woman and gay rights icon Marsha P. Johnson on the occasion of the latters 75. Birthday. Additionally, she is an independent adviser in issues of diversity for the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) and the Leipzig-based broadcaster MDR.



In her volume of essays, Race Relations, Michaela Dudley describes: “We, who are directly affected by racism, find ourselves on a course every day that not only wears us down physically but also mentally. If we break the chains here, we should jump over the blade there. The finish line is always pushed far away, more and more obstacles are set up. And if you can’t breathe, you’ll be left behind anyway.”

News at Noon Book by Anietie Isong

Publisher:  Jacaranda Books
Publication Date: June 23, 2022
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Where to find it: Hachette, Amazon

Anietie Isong

Anietie Isong`
Anietie Isong

Anietie Isong has worked as a corporate writer for some of the biggest brands in the world. His first novel, Radio Sunrise, won the 2018 McKitterick Prize. His collection of short stories, Someone Like Me, published in 2020, won the first annual Headlight Review Chapbook Prize for Prose Fiction. In 2021, Isong’s essay was included in Of This Our Country, a ground-breaking anthology celebrating acclaimed Nigerian writers. He has spoken at the Aké Arts and Book Festival, Henley Literary Festival, Marlborough Literature Festival, among other literary festivals. Isong holds a PhD in New Media and Writing.

News at Noon Book

News at Noon by Anietie

The new satire from the author of the 2018 McKitterick Prize winner Radio Sunrise.

Who will be the next president of the Society of Journalists in Lagos? Who is qualified to lead the esteemed body of journalists and help uphold professional ethics in the state? Will honesty and integrity be able to beat charisma and misinformation?

When a sick man flies in from a neighbouring country, he becomes Nigeria’s first ebola case-patient zero. As the cases rise and journalists across the country vie for the lead in reporting the news on the imminent pandemic, Ifiok and his colleagues must immediately tackle the spread of the virus by raising awareness, sharing information, and supporting the outreach efforts of health workers. Unfortunately, they also have to battle against hysteria, misinformation, corruption and denial. Ifiok’s love life could be a much needed escape from the stresses of work, if not for his meddling mother and the outdated traditions of society.

Will Ifiok succeed in his quest to become the next president of the Society of Journalists, win the battle against misinformation and find love along the way?